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A day in the life of an Interior Designer

My name’s Aaron Harvey and I’m in interior design at Warren and Mahoney. An interior designer creates spaces, sells ideas, communicates a mood or feeling and that generally tells a story about a place or a time and makes you feel a certain way. I think Donald Judd say it best when he said “design has to work, art does not”. In design, it doesn’t matter how good your idea is, if you can’t communicate that to a client and get them to buy in on it, you might as well have not had the idea. During the research process, you’re essentially trying to capture a mood and a story that will communicate to the client, so that they can say, “yes, you’re speaking the same language that I’m speaking.

I know what you want to do.” I’ll principally be collecting imagery of interiors, lighting, fabric, stone, ceramic, timber, anything that feels right and communicates the aspirations of the project. You have to be passionate to do this. There are times when you’ll be in the office till 10:30pm to get in a presentation finished for a meeting the next morning. But ultimately it’s worth when you put something in front of them and their eyes light up and they smile and you’ve got it. Not everyone gets to do that. .