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3:08 | Episode 02 : Interior Design

Great music on a great day doing a great thing And the Château de Versailles ! THE 3 HOURS AND 8 MINUTES CONTEST 3 HOURS TO TRY IT 8 MINUTES TO TALK ABOUT IT EPISODE #02 INTERIOR DESIGN Here are : Harry Jay Roel and Luis They came to Paris to try the new Peugeot 308 and talked about interior design Let’s discover their reactions Wow ! Cool ! I’m driving that car ! With the screen over there, everything was made for the driver because there’s nothing else missing They got rid of these unnecessary buttons And put it right in there, it’s just wonderful The main buttons are always available like here on the side And it works very fast It works very intuitive Very easy to use because I’m not looking for where is the button and then crash into a car ! I hope not ! I hope not, all right It’s functional you know it’s really really usable I like the fact that it’s just so open The fact that you have the dashboard in front of you Once again, the steering wheel isn’t distracting you So that’s a really good design Well, the i-Cockpit I think is really necessary to the driver to not move the eyes from the road I like the materials, it feels very qualitative Very soft I like that the metal is really metal, it’s not only pastics It looks like a very premium car I am very satisfied by this experience, I really like the new Peugeot 308 and I think it is definitely a good option to consider for anyone looking for a car in this segment I am very lucky to experience the new Peugeot 308