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How to Decorate a Small Apartment | Interior Design

So small apartments get a bad rap because you think that you can’t fit everything that you need in there which isn’t true you just want to make sure that all of your pieces work double duty for you think about storage in any place that you can get it so if it’s in your nightstands your side tables your coffee tables your closets make sure you’re maximizing on storage you know closet is a lot of real estate so a lot of people leave it as kind of the zone that they don’t think about they think as long as you have a rod in there and they stuff a bunch of things at the bottom that’s it but it pays sometimes to maximise on the storage get somebody coming in there a cabinetry person that could put little drawers and little shelves to make sure that everything that you have has its own place make sure your furniture works double duty to you for instance let’s say you have an art piece that when you open it up it becomes a pegboard your coffee table opens up to a dining table that you can get a lot of Ottomans that open up for storage these are items that can save space in your home and also make it feel larger don’t be afraid also to create some really bold movements in the home for instance a really large art piece when you walk in the door or over the sofa can look beautiful an accent wall in a bold color so have fun with a little bit it is a play on scale but the most important thing is functionality so making sure that all of your spaces and all of your furniture work as much double-duty as possible and also make sure that things can be moved out of the way so if you have people over and you have to move the coffee table out of the way that you have a space to do that so just be aware that everything has a place within the home and everything functions for different uses you