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2BHK Livspace Interior Design in Bangalore | Lakshmi

Hi, I’m Joseph. I’m Lakshmi Joseph. Hi, I’m Rebecca. We are all basically from Bangalore. Actually, this is our new house and we bought it in the month of July. See Livspace, I was just doing Google search. I got to know so many interiors (firms), okay. So when I met them personally, they had given me only the e-commerce designing. But I wasn’t able to imagine how the design is going to be. Whereas when I went to Livspace, personally I could see the materials and what they are going to use and how it looks like. So, that is where I could realise this is what I wanted.

So, that’s how like, I was a bit interested and was so impressed by Livspace. It was only because they had all this display unit. We were so convinced about the quality. First I met Uma and she took me (around the design centre) and then she showed all the designs and all that. And then I came out with my designs. What is that I’m expecting, how the designs should (be). Finally, we came to find one design that how it has to be. (About) Livspace, what I really loved is wardrobes. The best product which you can select from Livspace is the wardrobes. For me my favourite place will be the garden area because I like to sit there and relax and even we, as a family, we party sometimes there and it’s real fun. If you ask me which is your favourite room is my pooja room. Because that I wanted my pooja room to be done very well and according to my imagination.

And my expectation, my pooja room has come (out) so well. I’m thankful to Uma. So my favourite room is my own room – my bedroom. The main reason is because I’m very fond of having those huge glass mirrors in my wardrobe. (She is a dancer) It was my childhood dream and thanks to Livspace actually for fulfilling that. I think that’s something that I like from Livspace is actually their finishing. But the partition jali that they’ve put in the kitchen has come out really well. It gives that elegant look in the house. And also the best part about theirs is the cabinets. The finishing of the cabinets is also really good. The way you know you don’t have to be, what you say, it’s not messy at all when you open it and forget to close it or something. It closes by itself, that’s the best part. Everything about the finishing is really good in Livspace. The best thing is that everyone who comes home stays here for at least a day. They feel like they are staying in a hotel (resort).

And even we feel so in spite of staying here for almost 6 months We still feel like we’re staying in a hotel and not in our own house. Livspace is the best place where you people can go for your interiors. All the people were very kind enough to cooperate with us and they have lot of patience and they have done very good job for us. And we’re so happy with them. .