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Airbnb Interior Design Tips: Kitchen and Bathroom Tour (Part 2) | Nestrs

– Hey guys, welcome back! I thought today would be a great opportunity to finish our Columbus, Ohio Airbnb tour. In today’s video, I’m going to show you our kitchen, our bathroom, and what we do to stock it to get all those five-star reviews. So come on in! (music) So welcome to our Airbnb kitchen. So this kitchen is pretty small, so you’ll have to bear with me as I give you the tour with the video here. But my main objective with the kitchen was to give everyone what they need in order to make themselves a meal and feel like, when they wake up in the morning, they’re at home, there’s a coffee station, it’s fully stocked.

The more I can anticipate my guests’ needs, the more five-stars I’m going to receive. Because they’re going to reach for something, and they’re going to find it. So I’m going to start right here with the sink area. I provide dish soap, I provide every cooking utensil you can think of, from a potato masher to a garlic/cheese grater, to spatulas. I mean, you name it, it’s there. In this cabinet, I’ve debated actually over labeling these cabinets so that guests know where things are, they don’t have to go digging through things. But this kitchen isn’t so big, I haven’t had to worry about that in this one, so I’m leaving the labels out of it. It just makes it look nicer. So I have I have the ability to host four guests in this Airbnb, so I provide four of everything. That way it just keeps it simple, there’s not too much clutter, I’ve got four bowls, four small plates, four large plates, I do have a plethora of glassware. I do provide four wine glasses, rocks glasses, some water glasses, and then some larger pint glasses.

So you have your glass options available to you. I also have a dish rack, this is where guests can wash the dishes, let them dry. It’s my only request on things that they need to do before they leave. They need to do their own dishes. Everything else, we take care of. I just find that that just keeps the sink, you know, clean, clutter-free. If my cleaning person can’t get in here right away, nothing’s stinking up the place too much or what have you. I don’t know, it’s just what I request of our guests. I also have plenty of paper towels.

This is a dish-drying rag. I’ll show you over here, I also have a hand-towel rag. And then I also have hand soap, and I also provide a sponge. Now, I can get these for pretty cheap when I bulk order on Amazon, that way, I can change it out every few guests and they have a nice, clean sponge to clean their own dishes with. And then, I’m going to show you what I’ve got going on in these cabinets down here, so come with me. Okay, so under the sink, you will find that I do supply my guests with sandwich bags, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, all-purpose cleaner. They’ve got oven mitts, um… What else do we have? We have back-up dish soap, I’ve got trash bags, and we have coin-operated laundry downstairs, so I have a little bit of just powdered laundry detergent. I actually don’t have any dryer sheets, I could add that, that wouldn’t be much of an expense for us to provide.

The laundry detergent is there, so that’s what we’ve got in there. And then over here, so in this drawer, I have all of our flatware. I, like before, I provide four of everything. I also have an ice cream scoop. And we have a coffee station, so I also have a tea… I don’t know what you call this, a tea tool? Four of everything, I’ve got some scissors, and then guests have actually left behind chopsticks, straws. In this drawer, I’ve got chip clips, wine key, birthday candles, and actually, that’s the only candle I have available in the Airbnb. I like to reduce liability, so I don’t have any wax candles in the apartment. Can opener, um, I have a meat temperature taker. Um, measuring cups, measuring spoons, champagne stopper, and a wine stopper. So yeah, I really, really try to think about everything someone could need in order to have a meal or a nice drink or a cocktail. In this drawer, you’ll see plenty of pots and pans, lids. I’ve got a spaghetti strainer. I’ve got a pizza stone. And none of these things actually cost us a lot of money.

A lot of them, I was able to pick up at local thrift stores or on sale on craigslist from real estate sales, estate sales, those sorts of things and you can really stock up your Airbnb kitchens with nice, quality materials. So some of these are like Farberware, um what’s that other popular brand? Princess, I know is one of Princess House, I mean these are really nice, you know, nice pots and pans. So I’m gonna show you what else I got going on in the upper cabinets. Okay, let’s complete this side of the kitchen tour. I showed this far cabinet, that has our dishware and our glassware. This cabinet has coffee supplies. Up here I have everything you need to make a cocktail. My fifteen years or so in the hospitality and beverage industry, reminds me how important it is to be able to make a great cocktail, especially if you’re on vacation or away from your home.

I think it’s an important thing to have. So I’ve got some martini glasses, a shaker, a jigger, a muddler, just your basics. Over here, I’ve got, this is kind of my baking set, if people wanted to bake. I’m telling you, I have everything. I have an electric, words are losing me right now, but a blender guy, a spatula, the tools for it. I’ve got some pie pans over here, it’s probably a little overkill, but I already had these things so I just threw them into the Airbnb, just in case. Over here, I’ve got some spices, they’re all your basic spices. I have salt and pepper on the table and over here I have like thyme, garlic powder, red pepper. Some guests have left coconut oil, vanilla syrup, and they just leave it behind, which is really nice because then the guests after them can enjoy those spices. And then over here, I have, I went to Ikea and I got a bunch of plastic tupperware, so if guests want to take it with them, when they’re out for the day or if they make some food and they have leftovers, they’ve got something they can put it in.

I also have some Pyrex that I found at an estate sale that was really cheap so I thought why not? And then I have some flower vases just because I have them. In the far cabinet, I have extra paper towels. So, yeah cabinets are pretty full with all the basics, some not so basic stuff that I just had and provide anyway. Let me show you what’s going on in the rest of the kitchen. Alright, just below those upper cabinets I was just showing you, I’ve got a gas stove, I have that hand towel I was telling you about. In the broiler I have a few cookie sheets. In the freezer, I’ve got an ice cube tray that I have my cleaner refill with each cleaning, and other than that, the freezer’s empty and the refrigerator’s empty, it’s just extremely clean.

So this is my favorite part of any kitchen, the coffee station. I found this kitchen cart at Ikea. Great price, the butcher block top is beautiful. I got black to go with the black and red and green motif I’ve got going on in this Airbnb, plus it houses all these great things. I’ve got a Farberware knife set and, of course I have Keurig that has, not only K-Cups, that I keep stocked over here, but I also have a regular coffee pot that’s made for Keurig and a reusable K-Cup in case anyone wants to bring their own coffee grounds and they can reuse the coffee cup, the K-Cup. I’ve got creamer, sugar, coffee stirrers, to-go cups, I provide four, for each stay, and then I also have this tin back here, that’s full of teas, black tea, herbal tea, flavor teas. I’ve got a microwave, I’ve got cutting boards down here.

Over here, I’ve got a really cool story about this decor. A friend of mine gave me hand towels when I left New York City and they were really cute but they were white and they say cute things like, “When I sip, you sip, we sip,” “Drop it like it’s hot,” and I was like, I can’t let these get ruined by, you know, dirty hands and whatever, so I cut them up and I framed them and they actually make really great kitchen decor. And then this is really cool because in one of our renovations, we found an old fork and spoon in the wall. It’s not real silver, but I just love how antique it looks so I put that in the wall decor too. This is a mango wood setting table that I got from West Elm. It’s got leaves on both sides so if people want to make this bigger, they totally can.

We provide two extra chairs in one of the closets in the Airbnb. And this is mango wood, so it matches the coffee table and the two bedside tables in the bedroom. So I repeat the mango wood situation. Pepper, salt, toothpicks and then this. If you have an Airbnb, VRBO, whatever platform you use, you really should have a Guest Welcome Booklet. So we email this to all of our guests before they arrive, so they have all of this information. But we give Nick and my cell phone number. We have everything you need to know about the area, where the local hospitals are, police station is, where the first-aid kit is, um, our house rules. We’ve got house quirks in here, so our keypad, sometimes the button sticks and you can’t put in your code and people have, one time, one time someone freaked out and then I put that quirk in here, so if you put the house quirks, maybe your hot and cold are reversed, whatever it is, just put it in here that way guests know like hey it’s not a big deal, just this is how you need to do it.

We’ve got amenities, so our wifi name and password, how to use the tv, and I mean step by step how to use the tv because if you’re like me, I’m like, if it’s more than just pressing the power button, I need you to walk me through it. Um, Essentials that you can find in the Airbnb, restaurants and bars in the area that we love, and then transportation, from the bike share, to bus, to how to get to the airport, to car share, to Uber/Lyft, to the Yellow Cab of Columbus, we have it all in here. And the rest of the pages, I actually share how to buy some of the stuff in the Airbnb.

We partner up with local makers and this way if someone says, “hey, I love that really cool map,” you’ll see it, “decor over here, where do I get one?” they can see it here. Oh you can go ahead, you can contact that maker and get one for yourself. I have one more area in the Airbnb kitchen that I want to show you. The last stop in the kitchen is this chalkboard wall. That actually wasn’t my idea at first. We had some friends staying in the Airbnb before we listed it. I had to do this sometimes so that they can tell me what I’m missing, what they went to reach for and they didn’t find.

It’s a great way to just figure all that out before you go ahead and list it on any short term rental platform and my friend was like, he was looking at the kitchen, he was like, “You know, this is a big blank white wall.” He was like, “This would be a great opportunity for a chalk wall. I was like, “Yes it is!” And all of the sudden I had the whole thing laid out in my head. Now I didn’t design it with the handwriting. I have a friend who does graphic design and I asked her, I was like, “Here are the dimensions, here’s what I want it to say.” She designed it for me and then I took her design from her email, had it on my phone while I tried to replicate it as best as I could, because using my hands and doing artwork is not my strong suit but it turned out really well, plus I partnered up the local maker who makes these great state maps from plywood.

She cuts them out and then she puts the map over top of it. It’s a great addition to any Airbnb so I’ll put her information in the comments below. I’ve got the state of Ohio, right here, “Welcome to Columbus” and then below, it just has a request to remove your shoes because we have nice rugs, our wifi login information. Even though we have it in the booklet, you could find it on the listing’s information online, we’ve got it here as well and then a few of our favorite restaurants in the area. So I love the chalkboard wall, it turned out really well, I wanna go ahead and show you our bathroom, so let’s go take a look. Alright, so here’s our super tiny bathroom. The one thing that I actually wanted to talk to you about in this video, before I show you how we set up the bathroom is we didn’t renovate the bathroom or the kitchen in this Airbnb because our return on investment is much greater if we actually just leave them as they are for right now.

So they’re clean, they’re functionable, I was able to add a lot of style with new furnishings, with a lot of tech, we’ve got smart TVs, we’ve got chargers, we’ve got a fresh coat of paint on all the walls but I only put in about a few grand to furnish the apartments and I can make anywhere from 1600 dollars on slow months to 2000 plus on busier months in the Airbnb versus having these renovated and having a long term tenant pay market value, which is about 1100 for a one bed, one bath newly renovated apartment.

Now, I know there’s controversy about taking away from long term rentals for short term rentals. We have two long term rentals in this building and then two Airbnb’s. This way, Nick and I can really make the most of our investment but still provide a great place to live for long term tenants. So, with that being said, this bathroom, and that kitchen that you just saw, was obviously not renovated but they are super clean, new paint, and everything that we furnished with them are brand new items. So I’ve got this really cute curtain here. We put a new shower head in over here. And then, also provide in all of our Airbnb bathrooms, let me show you, I’ve got reusable shampoo and conditioner bottles. I have a little “S” for shampoo, “C” for conditioner and then I refill them with Pantene Pro-V products, so it’s actually nice shampoo. Over here I provide my guests with Q-tips, cotton balls, Um, These are not real matches but they’re just cute decor.

And then I’ll show you what’s going on underneath the sink, but I provide a hairdryer, first-aid kit, extra toilet paper, and then air freshener. I also have hand soap, a cute tea towel, a really cute waste basket that I just use grocery bags as liners to save on money and to save on, you know, plastic. We reuse those. And a really cute vogue vintage decor over here. I have a plunger, I have a toilet cleaner just in case they want to take care of that on their own, during their stay.

The bathroom is super simple, but guests love it, they’ve never had a complaint, they’ve actually said, “Thank you so much” for the Q-tips or the cotton balls. It’s these little things that don’t cost us much, that really make the difference. One last stop on our Airbnb. Just outside of the bathroom is this really cool nook. Nick and I created a video about how we made these shelves because originally they were old cabinets, here, that actually were beyond repair or cleaning, so this is probably the only area of this Airbnb that we renovated. We took out the cabinets, we found that there was brick behind it. It’s the chimney, so we exposed the brick and we put these two floating shelves for our guests’ towels, their body towels, their hand towels, make-up removing towels. Down here, you’ll find extra pillows and blankets and then of course, our favorite toiletry basket.

It’s our favorite because we get great response from guests, having these items here for them so they don’t have to go to the drugstore just to get a razor or toothbrush. A lot of these are travel size and they’re not expensive. We actually don’t refill this basket often. Guests only use it when they really need something and if you go to Amazon, or whatever, you can get big bulk items of, you know, basic toothbrushes, razors. We’ve got Pepto-Bismol, we’ve got lint rollers, static guard, spray deodorant, it’s just kind of anything that you might need when you are traveling and you forget it. We don’t have a front desk, so this is a great way to provide things for people that they might forget. That’s it, that is the tour of our Airbnb, here in Columbus, Ohio. It’s a great way to make a side hustle. For us, we love making it our full time job.

If you like the value that we’re providing with our YouTube videos, if you wouldn’t mind subscribing, that would mean so much to us. If we could improve our Airbnb spaces, don’t be afraid to leave comments in the comment box below. But for now, I’m Sarah Karakaian with Nestrs and I’ll talk to you next time. .

DIY Hotel Glam Bedroom for Andrea’s Choice | Interior Design

Can’t wait to decorate. There’s so much we can make! How will it turn out? OMG We’re coming over Open up, we’re here! Okay, you’re yelling like, so loud. OMG! OMG! We’re up really high! Downtown Los Angeles. It’s really high up. It’s amazing, but don’t look down. You guys know that we have our show; OMG! We Bought a House, this is OMG! We’re Coming Over where we go in the homes of famous digital celebrities. Yes and today we are at Andrea Brooks’s high rise apartment in LA. You may know her as Andreas Choice on YouTube; massive YouTuber. Hello, it’s Andrea, welcome back to my channel. She does beauty and DIY videos, she’s super popular. She really needs help with her bedroom because she moved into this apartment and never pulled it together and she films all of her videos in that room. We’re so excited to do this room for beautiful Andrea and you know what else we’re excited about? Subscribing! You guys subscribe because we’re trying to get to one million subscribers, so please hit that button! Be a part of our family.

Yes! Let’s to check it out. We’re going to make it beautiful and glamorous, contemporary! Let’s go! So it looks pretty much…. Wooooowww… I feel extra short now. We’re the same height, we’ve already discussed this. You’re 5’1″, right? Yes. I love it. Short people live longer. I love short ladies. Okay! Well, I’m married to one. Ew! Don’t use that word. So, Kate and Joey just arrived and I’m really excited but I’m also really nervous because I have really bad luck with like, releasing control over to other people – but, I have faith in Kate because I feel like we kind of have similar styles. The room looks like when we were here last. I’ve lived here for one year and I’ve never really had time to like, fully decorate my bedroom. The problem is, is that I film in here so it has to look nice but it’s such a big area that I never really knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.

I love the cow skull obviously it’s faux, so vegetarian. It is vegan. Oh, vegan, right of course. And, I did order some things that I really liked online and my bed was really low too. You can tell a short person lives here. I’ve never purchased anywhere to store my stuff. Yes, all your makeup, samples, everything. I really like whites and neutrals, this way I can kind of control what pops of color I want. All that I know is I want it to be neutral. so that I’m able to like switch out pops of color. I want to be able to film in my room from any direction because it’s filled with stuff. Instead of my being committed to a certain color scheme, like I don’t like painting my walls crazy colors. Right. Hotel glam, multifunctional, awesome space. With touches of my personality. Of course. Kate’s great at that. You are good at that! Awe! Thanks guys! High five. Joey! So, since you are a DIY goddess, it’s just makes sense that we start the first project DIY style.

Perfect! While Joey is prepping the boring stuff. You told me that you love glitter. I love glitter, metallic. Kate’s telling me that she wants to do some glitter art and I’m like yeah, I love glitter. Girl, me too. Because we’re trying to go super classy, glamorous with your room, I didn’t want to go like, traditional, small glitter. What would glitter look like under a magnifying glass? It would be like, big. We could create the look of magnified glitter with good old aluminum foil! it’s just more durable if we try to do this on a regular canvas it could get a little saggy and I painted the sides white but can’t just be any crumpled it has to be the right kind of geometrically shaped crumpled.

As she start crumpling it together and like setting it down it starts to really come together and then it was like I understood where her mind was it looks so good. Then I have this which is this mirror effect spray paint Oh It’ll kind of change the look of the tinfoil a little bit so it’s not oh that’s tin foil on your wall, it’s more like metal. I love how open you are to this. Did you see what my room was like before I just had actual tin foil laying around like old food yeah turn that shit in to art. First thing’s first let’s get some paint on these walls. I want to give you a subtle wall color change in our color palette plan of playing with neutrals and stuff like that, the subtleties of like wall color really do make a big difference.

So Andrea’s apartment like a lot of rentals, it’s just painted white. Right now you have kind of like a almost like an ivory right? It looks, well I’m a bright white I’m a Caucasian so we could, we talked about making this like a feature wall right? Since you’re a renter it’s easier to paint over a painted technique. Of course you know I’m a fan of DIY I thought why not DIY a pattern on the wall and the perfect thing to do that is a stencil. I have never stenciled.

Can I start painting? Between the stencil and the painting is going to take us forever, you guys can do the stencil I’ll do the painting. So I’m really excited about this stencil that Kate is doing on my bedroom right now I’ve never had stencil I never even really thought to do stencil on my wall it was always like a color or wallpaper but she’s kind of like merging the two. I drew it here scanned it in build it in obviously because I want these areas to be the negative space. It kind of reminds me of like a giraffe, oh I love giraffes. No way! That’s my giraffe noise. I got the same wall color but in a semi-gloss. Uh did I open the right one? You did. You got to tell me these things Kate, how many times have we had this conversation? When I’m doing the projects you have to tell me the details. How many times you had this conversation? Where you have to listen to me because guess what dude I did tell you this project. Andrea, excuse me I just want you to know that we actually do love each other.

I thought you were gonna come slap her yeah. I want to give her a glamorous elegant backdrop it has to be a light gray with a warm undertone so it’s luxe and glamorous and not too cold so tape e tape. All right I’m gonna start. Yeah just go you’re just gonna go down exactly We should kick her out. But she’s having so much fun. Joey really knows how to be a party pooper.

I actually have some things to do today so I’m going to go do them. That sounds like I’m gonna go watch Game of Thrones in the other bedroom. I might do The quicker you get out of here the quicker we get this done. I’m out of here Get excited! So these are the little rolley guys. Oh my god they’re like toy trains, okay you don’t care whatever great see you later bye have fun up there cool good talk. So we got these cool flush-mount curtains that are a track that runs across the ceiling she’s got a cement ceiling which is a little tricky but I got my masonry bits and I can just get those in I’m gonna get sweaty but you got to do what you got to do to get those curtains up folks.

Part of this project is we’re raising the whole room up because everything in here is really low. She had her TV on this little stand is way too low not enough space we’re going to mount that TV get it off the stand clean it up with a nice cable hider so we’ll mount that and paint it the same color as the walls just automatically upgrades the room cool. Kate! What? I’m here I come bearing the most beautiful knobs you’ve ever seen.

Those are so cool. And look each one is unique…..oh man those are awesome I want these. Stud earrings. We found the most amazing knobs you’ve ever seen on planet Earth I don’t even actually think they’re from Planet Earth I think they’re from some beautiful fabulous planet. What’s half of twenty-five and a half? I don’t do that. I’m gonna get this as exact as possible but I’m not a cabinet maker I know you think I am but… I never said that. All right here goes nothing. What do you mean here goes nothing? Here goes important things We’re gonna sort of pimp it out by drilling custom holes in it and putting these really funky knobs. It’s really taking this piece that’s inexpensive and just upping the quality a million a million dollars I pay a million dollars.

Those knobs made this very heavy, perfect! So Andrea gets a ton of makeup samples she also has clothes that she needs to put away in some drawers so this Media Console / dresser is the perfect piece of furniture for that. Kate got this giant floor-to-ceiling mirror that we’re gonna mount on the wall, it’s gonna be perfect right next to the door to the bathroom right next to the vanity space. I think this is the prettiest desk I’ve ever seen. Yeah amazing. Do you know what style this is? Luxury. Parsons. Andrea needs a desk / vanity someplace where she could edit on her laptop but then also some place where she could put on her makeup. You sit at it and you’re just like wow okay I’m gonna make some money at this desk it’s in a champagne color but obviously it doesn’t have that many drawers it just has these for her like pens. Where’s this going? But that yeah for here because it has these drawers with these little label thingies and on those labels I am writing lips eyes face, that can be where she can organize and have some favorites successful.

No Joey no don’t rest on this. Go go build the bed go build the bed, if you’re tired go build a bed but don’t sleep in it. A tree or a plant is a really really nice item to bring into any room, you want to have that organic element to juxtapose all of the furniture that you have going on and fiddly figs are one of my favorite things to use in any design they have big beautiful green leaves. Okay so I love the magnified glitter art as the center, and then we have a bunch of options. I think we should do like another piece of art right here that just says dinners done.

Somebody got leftovers. Let’s call that leftover. Don’t be fooled that thing would be hanging in the art gallery in downtown LA in a second that is some hip modern art books I love that picture. Well of course you love this picture its two cats. But I also love how you did the brushstrokes on the edge. Well yeah I did that because there was like a white border for when you printed these.

Yeah but that’s so cool. It was just a quick fix, a gallery wall has that very contemporary look Andrea has a lot of friends she’s well loved I’m gonna add some black-and-white photos of her friends Pets travels she’s been to some awesome places. This is like just a standard carpet on the floor here so we’re gonna jazz it up with a little fluffy rug love a little fluffy rug love a little hug with my love on the fluffy rug. Oh gosh it’s heavenly and glam oh I know what’s coming. Let’s enjoy our wall let’s enjoy our wall oh yeah I know Can we just talk? That wall looks amazing laying on this rug. It turned out better than I imagined, we use the semi gloss paint so that it’s the same color as the walls but it has a sheen to it it looks better than any wallpaper we would have used so I’m so glad.

Joey we don’t have time for this. Why do we do these in one day? Because of you say so. Yeah well they have to get done in one day so come on. Wow how quickly he changes his tune Wow before Andrea had I think a full looked a little small with low to the ground we’re bringing in the queen bed I mean it’s a queen bed but it’s also the queen Andrea’s bed. We needed to bring in matching side tables because in order to get that contemporary hotel look they’ve got a match and then we got some glass made perfectly for the top so it really just lux’s up those side tables that were a thrift store find and now look like a million bucks. We also added some heavy brass knobs just those little touches make them look like completely new pieces. Got your corner? All of sudden acting like you know how to do this you. Have your corner? Who taught you this? My mom. Did she? Yeah this looks like to me. Oh Joey Joey let Andrea be the first one on your bed not you.

Can I please try it? Why can’t I try the bed I just want to make sure that it’s comfortable. Can I try it? We can do military corners. Okay you can do military corners I don’t know what those are. I’m making the bed really luxurious with bamboo sheets . I’m not using a matchy matchy set because I really want it to look sophisticated and well-designed don’t just use the standard size rectangle pillows get some European squares they are the same price as regular pillows make sure you get those European square sham pillowcases to go with it and that just gives you that hotel look.

So we really have to highlight her windows with a conversation area and I found the most amazing chairs pleated blush pink like the palest pink you’ve seen, they have a brass base to them that swivels I am giving her next to the dresser a basket with some throw blankets and an extra throw pillow so she can get cozy on those chairs. Above the side tables I wanted to give her some art because that really gives it a hotel look, so I got these brushed silver frames with mats and then inside I just painted some really simple watercolor palm fronds because she lives in LA after all Andrea has three pets she has a dog and two cats so we gotta give them a place to sleep this little dog bed was so perfect because it’s really fluffy and cute and it’s in our color palette so I had to get it and stick it in the corner.

Should I cover my eyes? I’m so scared. Ready? Before I cover my eyes and walk into the room I told Kate I was like even if I love it I’m not a screamer. Don’t look don’t peek don’t hit your head. Well guess what happened when I walked in? At your leisure, one two three She literally shrieks. I think I screamed a couple times actually Oh my god! Are you scared of it? like god I am so this is the cutest room I’ve ever been in in my entire life.

I would agree with that. Even like the friends that decorate really good yeah their rooms aren’t even this good. I mean I’ve never been there but I agree. Of course she loves it! it’s amazing! Look at your new hut It’s a dresser Joey he loves to call it a hut. Oh sweet gold dip knobs, slabs of stone Lush chairs….. I’m like freaking out right now And I was really afraid at first when you guys were going to like paint my walls I really like having white walls but like this is the perfect color. Glam all these neutrals playing on each other it’s dimension its glam you can change out the throw pillows you can bring in pops color I just painted those two palm leaf things to represent LA. Oh my god it’s like you’re in my room. Your guy’s crazy cool abstract art. I know I love that.

This desk is epic like the finish on it. That actually is leaf with champagne leaf and then look I just put in those placeholders the little labels your favorites to be in there on rotation This is like 20 times better than like what I was envisioning in my head I didn’t know it was gonna like look like a royal bedroom or something. It’s kind of like a really good dream like you know when you have a good dream and like you live in this perfect house and then you wake up and you’re like I’m still there like that’s still my bedroom and I’m awake It’s great! OMG we came over high-fives oh god I’m so happy that Kate and Joey took the time out of their schedules to do this for me can’t wait to do a room tour Ha ha good job good job Joey! Once again you killed it! You killed it! We killed it! Pat on the back, okay well whatever.

This was super meaningful for me because I am friends with Andrea and I know how hard she works and she’s so awesome on YouTube you gotta check out our channel Andrea’s Choice, I’m so glad that she loves her room it’s so glamorous and beautiful like her. Go subscribe to her channel watch all of her great vids and please subscribe to our channel. We want to reach 1 million subscribers before the end of the year. We’re using hashtag MrKate one million so just click that subscribe button and be part of our creative weirdo family it would mean so much to us and the team and it will enable us to keep making these videos for you guys so. Be part of that first million guys yeah come join the family yeah don’t just watch without subscribing watch and subscribe we got more OMG we’re coming over.

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