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The Top 3 Questions You Should Ask an Interior Designer Before You Start a Project

The goal, when any home that I’m decorating is to mix old & new, and to keep it interesting. When we start on a big project like this, where it’s an entire home that’s Being built from the ground up. I like to begin with the floor plans. So, that is looking at each individual room as its own space. So, that’s setting up where the sofa will go, where the chairs will go, where the rug needs to go, where the lighting will go. And then, on the other hand I’m developing a palette at the same time. And so. When I say developing a palette, that’s the color and the vibe and sort of the feeling that I want the entire place to have. And once you have that floor plan and once you have that palette and that vibe figured out then you kind of can actually begin to shop. Then kind of find pieces and fill in the floor plan and make it real.

When ever I start decorating any place, I like to see what’s right outside the door. And so in Wisconsin you have these green fields and that little bit of yellow it hits the fields. Then you’ve got the big blue skies and so really we were looking at. Golds, and blues, and greens for the palette. To make the palette cohesive throughout the house there was a little bit of blue in almost every space you have. So you’ve got the blue on the island. In the living room you’ve got the blue on the sofa. Then you go to the master bedroom where it’s an intense hit of blue. You’ve got the dining room with the curtains. So basically we wove that blue throughout and then for accent colors I added in greens and golds in different sort of proportions in different spaces. When someone’s trying to begin the decorating process and start decorating their house, I think it’s really important for them to figure out what their style is and what the style of the house is.

I actually find it really helpful to get out a piece of paper and literally write down what you like. For example, for me, I would say natural. I love vintage. You’ll come up with a list of like five to fifteen different things and look at it and narrow it down. Another great way to help you out with that is to create a mood board and so get online and pin pictures or put them in dock, print them out, tear sheets, however you want to do it. Once you see all of your pictures, your images of things that you like together, you’ll start to see that there are elements that are appearing in each an every one. It helps you kind of figure out your patterns and what you like.


Interior Design Tips: No. 1 Rule for Dining Room Rug Sizes

Even if you have the most beautiful rug, it all falls by the wayside if you don’t have the right size of rug. Area rugs define your space. In a dining room the rug centralizes the table and chairs acting like a foundation, a base or a landing for your furniture. But the most important thing about a dining room rug is the size. Let’s discuss the number one rule! With dining rooms, the key is to have comfortable space for your chairs to move in and out beneath the table without getting caught on the rug.

Here’s a dining room with a three foot by six foot table in the center of the room. And here we have an area rug that sits under the table comfortably. But you’ll notice that the chairs are sitting half on and half off. So this rug is too small. But here we add 24 inches to each size of the table. It’s important that you add to each side of the table not just two feet to the length and width.

This will give you the minimum space your rug should cover and will allow space for your chairs to move in and out without getting caught on the rug. So in this case we need an area rug that spans the space of 7 feet by 10 feet. This size might be difficult to find so I’d round up to an 8 by 10 area rug. This rug here, albeit beautiful, is too close to the table size.

You can see that the chairs are already on the edge of the rug. So if you were to pull out the chair, sit and then adjust the chair closer to the table, you’ll be sitting half on and half off the carpet making it awkward and uncomfortable. Unlike these images here… there’s plenty of room around the table for the chairs to move in and out. So here’s your take away: In the dining room, the rug centralizes the table and chairs acting like a foundation or a landing for your furniture. It’s not enough to have a rug that just fits your table and chairs.

The rule is to always add 24 inches to each side of your dining room table to allow you to move your chairs in and out freely without getting caught on the rug. Thanks for watching this little design tip. I’ll have lots more design tips just like this one coming soon so don’t forget to subscribe! I’ve got new videos every week. And leave a comment! I’d love to hear from you all and if you like this video please hit the like button. See you soon! .